Activate Wins

ACTIVATE has been active all year for your rights. Here are just a few things we’ve done:


  • Funded $35 000 for textbook bursaries, food vouchers and Go Card top-ups, $10 000 for tenancy, legal and centrelink advice and have put $135 000 back into student hands through secondhand textbook sales.
  • Held free weekly breakfast stalls, as well as regular food stalls and ongoing planning to introduce a food co op on campus.
  • Introduced the lolly shop happy hour from 2 – 3pm each weekday.
  • Increased funding for clubs, societies and social sport, including subsidising Uni Games for QUT athletes.
  • Ran exam station stalls during exam periods for free stationery, information and snacks.
  • Secured an automatic deferral for same-day exams.
  • Continued to campaign for 24 hour assignment minders, the abolition of the Creative Industries immediate fail assessment policy and the removal of illegal course costs.
  • Secured a space overlooking Riverstage for the new Gardens Point Guild Bar and recreational space.
  • Held numerous guild-run events: Septemberfest, Safe & Sexy Week, Bacardi Party, St Patrick’s Day Party, End of Semester Superheroes Party, Arts Week, Diversity Week, Non-corporate Careers Day and many more.
  • Introduced new groups on campus such as a support group for students with disabilities, the SEW Collective and the YARN collective and our Women’s and Queer collectives are stronger than ever.



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