David Charles Stone for NUS Delegate

The most important issue for students right now is the Student Services and Amenities Fee(SSAF).

The fact is it will not go to students nor student unions.

It will however go to services already provided by the university.

This means the money will merely be moved around to make certain faculties in the university’s bottom line look better and there will be no increase in services.

The SSAF will be able to be deferred but is $250 the equivalent of 500 packets of Mi-Goreng or 1 goon bag per fortnight.

NUS needs to send people who aren’t beholden to parties or factions but are beholden to the students of QUT.

I am not a member of any political party or organisation, which is why I would ask you to vote for me.


Alicia Ferguson for NUS Delegate

The deregulation and uncapping of university places at first sounds appealing; the concept of demand-driven funding sounds logical. Unfortunately without certain mechanisms in place such as floors on certain courses we could easily end up with massive market over-supply in certain fields and a massive under-supply in others.

What if for a period of five years no-one had any interest in studying bio-medicine or health and for five years we didn’t turn out graduates because the industry’s offerings at the time of commencement appeared unappealing?

The Federal Government needs to have a rethink of the model to be implemented as well as abolishment of the proposed Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) legislation as it currently stands.

These are the issues I am passionate about.

These are the issues I stand for.



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