Arpitha for International

Arpitha. B.Banakar for International Director

Hi! I am running for the position of International Student Director at the Queensland University of Technology Student Guild. I’m pursuing Masters qualification, with a specialization in Advanced Professional Accounting.

For the past year, I have worked distantly with the former International Student Director Harsha Achar for the Student Guild during his work with International Students on campus.

I have also worked voluntarily as the Vice President for the Cultural Society Of India- Brisbane events since my first year of study. I have been responsible to organise and manage team to give the best results. I have also been assisting Harsha closely to arrange for the events by the Guild like Movie show and trip to Lone pine. Both of these positions have enhanced my understanding of international student issues and concerns.

Currently I’m also perusing an Internship at Neighbourhood Tax Agency and have had exposure which has increased my knowledge of international corporate cultures, customs and communication styles. These experiences have formed an excellent foundation on which I would like to build and this could be the best opportunity for me to contribute my skills to this reputed institution and to my fellow students.

In the following year I would like to involve myself with all International Students in the Guild and I have many plans on this front. I would also like to arrange recreational events like movies shows for the International Students. With international students in my peer group would like to know more about them and would want to resolve their problems, if any.

Thankyou so much for considering me and for giving me this opportunity to serve the international students and my university.


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