Ashleigh for Welfare

Ashleigh Husband for Welfare Director

My name is Ash and I’m a current Social work and Psychology student interested in representing and advocating for student issues and needs. If I am elected I would like place a strong focus on student consultation so that all students have an opportunity to express their needs and be listened to.  I also come into nominations for this role with an acknowledgement that whilst I am a student, I cannot speak on behalf of every student’s experience. This is the reason why I am prioritizing student consultation as a key process.

I am running for this position because I am genuinely passionate about improving the experience and wellbeing of students. I’m aware that all of us face tough times as we go through university for a number of diverse reasons and I feel it is important that there are services and advocacy available to those who want to access them.

Personally, I’ve had some involvement working with organizations such as Isis- the eating issues centre,, the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience, Western Districts Out of Home Care, as well as political advocacy with the Department of Health and Ageing and the Federal Minister for Mental Health on youth issues and mental health.

Below are some of the things I hope to achieve if elected as welfare director.  My approach, however, is that this will ultimately be shaped by what students express is important to them through our consultations.

  1. Provide representation and advocacy for disadvantaged and marginalized groups, in consultation with those groups.
  2. Promotion of mental health and wellbeing.
  3. Promotion of sexual health and safety from a ‘sex positive’ perspective.
  4. Continuing to run services and campaigns within the welfare portfolio in collaboration with the welfare officer and students (food bank, op shop, reconciliation week, disability action week, Close the gap, anti-poverty week).
  5. Continuing to work on the development of a food co-op (for cheaper, healthier and more ethical food choices on campus)

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