Fiona for Ethno-Cultural

Fiona West for Ethno-Cultural Director

My name is Fiona West and I am campaigning to be elected for the position of Ethno-Cultural Director for 2012. I am a first year Human Services student and I come from a Culturally And Linguistically Diverse (CALD) background; Papua New Guinean, French and English. I previously resided in two other countries before migrating to Australia at nine years of age. Despite the years of which I have lived in Australia, I still understand the importance of wanting to belong, feel included in the community and having the need to be able to relate to others from similar cultures. With this understanding, I propose to the best of my capability:

  • Create a CALD collective thus creating a community with monthly social gatherings and events (sometimes fortnightly depending on month).
  • Create a room for CALD students on Kelvin Grove campus.
  • Better utilise the Culture room at Gardens Point.
  • End of year celebrating cultures from around the world through the means of art and cultural performance.
  • Opportunities to learn a language each semester.
  • Celebrating specific culturally significant events throughout the year.
  • Celebrating a culture a month through food, music, art, film, dance and any other wonderful aspect which defines that specific culture being celebrated.

I strongly aspire to be elected as the Ethno-Cultural director for the reason that I am studying Human Services: to make a difference in others lives. I want to ensure that CALD students who feel that they may be socially excluded, rather, to be included and to be a part of something that may make a difference to them. I will be able to ensure that this succeeds by applying my background and experiences of adjusting and belonging in different communities throughout my life.


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