Holly for Campaigns

Holly Auckram for Campaigns Director

I am currently studying a B Applied Science/B Mathematics.
I am running for the position of Campaigns Director for the QUT student guild for 2012.

This year, I have actively campaigned for:

• A national student concession card scheme through the NUS “Fair Fares for ALL Students” campaign.
• A more sustainable campus and working towards putting a price on carbon through the AYCC “Say Yes” campaign.
• The introduction of a QUT White Ribbon men’s group and the “Talk About It” survey, both geared towards stopping violence against women on and off campus.
• Equal pay and higher levels of women’s representation in student and non-student executive roles through the Blue Stocking and NUS “Strong Unions Need Women” campaigns.
• No increases in HECS, through the NUS “Fund Our Future” campaign.
• Ensuring through the “Students’ Money To Students” campaign the Student Services and Amenities Fee money goes to essential student services.

My work with these campaigns has inspired me to run for the position of Campaigns Director: to ensure student representation.
If elected, I will:

• Run inclusive and visible campaigns that engage all QUT students, actively advocating for their rights, particularly pertaining to higher education.
• Consult with a wide range of students in order to advocate for students in the most effective manner possible.
• Liaise with Guild office bearers, student services staff and National Union of Students representatives in order to most effectively alleviate student concerns on and off campus.
• Ensure that students are aware of any significant changes, at QUT or abroad, that may affect their studies and/or time at university.
• Endorse the autonomy of marginalised groups, such as queer, women, indigenous and ethno-cultural groups, and support them in their struggle for self-determination through funding assorted campaigns, both on and off campus


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