Isaac for President

Isaac Cavanagh for President

I am an education student and have been involved with the guild for over two years. This year I was General Secretary and I worked closely alongside the President to form a relationship with QUT that is stronger than it has been for years. Due to the work of the Activate team, the Guild is now more economically sustainable than it has been in over 5 years.

The food co-op is also well under way. The co-op has been sourcing suppliers, space, staff, finance, external funding and others in order to deliver cheaper food on campus for students – ready for roll out in 2012.

Next year we will see the introduction of new Federal Legislation; the $250 per year Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF). Despite the campaign against it by Activate, the SSAF now has the support of the majority of Parliament. This money will be going to the University (damn) – the next step for the new Guild executive is to negotiate as much of this money as possible back into student hands.

The QUT Student Guild is your voice to the university and the wider community. The Guild is the only organisation that has the ability to represent all students on campus. Activate believes that the Guild should continue to focus on offering students the support services necessary to manage the life/uni balance. Although our focus is on advocacy and support, Activate have also spend 2011 ramping up the social aspect of life on campus. This year there has been more funding to clubs, more funding to sport, more clubs affiliating and the best Guild Bar events students have seen in years.

This year Activate delivered a supportive and vibrant campus environment, VOTE 1 ACTIVATE for us to turn it up again next year.


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