Jacqueline for Sports and Rec

Jacqueline Allen for Sports and Recreation Director

I’ve been involved with QUT student guild sport since my first year in 2009. It’s played a huge role in my time at university and the friends I have made. Sport at QUT is something I hold in high regard and probably the most important part of my time here. I think that I would be an excellent candidate for the Guild Sport and Recreation Director first and foremost because of the importance I place on this part of my life. Not only am I the uni games women’s netball manager but I also single handedly established the QUT netball club and have participated in social sport before. If I was to be elected to the guild I would focus on the following three things

1. Securing more funding for the sports portfolio to strengthen QUT’s sporting profile amongst other universities.

2. Creating more opportunities for all students to participate in sporting activities either through inter-faculty, social or inter-university competitions.

3. Ensuring sport is run at QUT to benefit all students so that it is more inclusive but continues to support elite athletes appropriately. My ideal year with the guild would see the sport portfolio gain more sponsorship as well as establishing more inter-faculty and inter-university competitions.


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