Jade and Hannah for Queer

Jade Marabito for Queer Director

I have participated in the Queer Collective since the start of 2010. During this time I have become aware of the past political struggles queers have faced in Brisbane and around the world. I also have a vast network of connections in the queer community of Brisbane, which has increased my passion for working with people. I am a friendly, active, unbiased person who enjoys putting in the time for progress and for people. I have been known to fund-raise for the Queer Collective in alternative and theatrical ways, perform at many Queer Collective events, assist in the running of the Queer Bar Night on Thursdays, set up the Queer stalls at market week and have participated in the Queer Collective meetings since 2009. In 2011 I attended Queer Collaborations with the Queer Collective in Perth and supported the idea of putting in a bid for Queer Collaborations in 2012 knowing that I would be nominating for the Queer Director position in 2012. I feel my skills are in line with the current running of the Queer Collective and believe that my passion for the Queer agenda will assist in the coordination of the Collective. I have many suggestions to make to the collective on pro-Queer campaigns in the future. I believe I will be a reliable and successful Queer Director due to my past Collective involvement, my current Queer community involvement and my plans for future involvement.

Hannah Wollin for Queer Director

I am Hannah Wollin, a queer femme woman running for co queer director.

I am currently studying nursing and hold an Arts degree in Film & Television Studies and Media Studies from UQ. I was active in the queer and women’s collectives at UQ during my studies and have been active in the QUT queer collective.

I have interstate connections with other queer organizations in particular the Sydney Femme Guild. I have been active in community organizations in Brisbane including PCAC.

I have experience in events and events management from my work and volunteer experience in the film event industry.

I am really proud to be a part of the collective and hope to continue the great work that has been happening. I am active in the collective, participating in meetings, social and political events. Some ways I’d like to develop the collective is to increase participation by international students and ethnically and culturally diverse students. I look forward to putting in a competitive bid for Queer Collaborations for 2013 and organizing a QUT (and community) contingent to Adelaide in 2012.


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