Jen for Women’s

Jen Embelton for Women’s Director

I am running for Women’s director in 2012.

I have from a young age considered myself a feminist and over the years my passion has grown to the point where I would love the opportunity to be in a position of leadership within the guild as Women’s Director.

I have a great enthusiasm for educating and empowering women on their rights and what it means to be not only a woman in today’s society, but also a woman studying on campus. If am I chosen as Women’s Director I also would like to be actively involved in educating men on feminism and the effect it has in their lives in order to gain a greater level of understanding and respect between men and women on campus to create a better environment.

As a new member of collective in 2011, I have become quickly involved in Women’s and other guild related events which has opened my eyes to the amount of great opportunities available for women on campus but also the areas which need attention. It has also given me direct contact with many different women and provided me with an extensive idea of women’s needs which I aim to accommodate for.

I have been involved with organising and facilitating the Women’s Collective Art Show, the Open Mic Arts Night and participating in the Safe and Sexy week.

I also aim to continue the supportive and safe environment the Women’s room provides and I would love to bring fresh ideas and energy into the space as well. I envision a strong collective which incites discussion and activism but also importantly fun, friendship and a sense of belonging.


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