Priyanka for Gen Sec

Priyanka Lakhanpal for General Secretary


Hello, I’m Priyanka Lakhanpal and I am running for General Secretary on behalf of Activate.  Presently, I am a Business student and have been part of the Student Guild for more than a year now. I first became part of Activate by joining the QUT Women’s Collective and throughout their campaigns and activities I have become passionate about:

  • Increasing activities and social events on the Gardens Point Campus.
  • Raising awareness and action of social issues.
  • Improving student wellbeing on and off the campus.


Apart from my involvement in the Women’s Collective, being part of Activate has allowed me to network and give full support for other departments of the group such as the Queer Collective, Welfare and International groups.

Being a General Secretary involves assisting with the President’s role, working on the administrative work and the budget of the Guild and providing a link between the student executives and the council. With a combination of my past involvement in the Guild and my background in business studies; I believe I would make a suitable General Secretary for the QUT Student Guild.  If elected for this position, I can guarantee that I will efficiently and professionally use my role to help provide services that will benefit QUT Students.

Some of the polices that Activate campaign for are better assignment policies, food and finance assistance, food outlets and activities on campus, support groups for minorities and many more polices which you gain more information either from our campaign flyer or speaking to a member of Activate. If these you feel our policies benefit you and are happy with how the guild is running please take a few minutes to vote for Activate.

Vote 1 Activate!


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