Rachel for Ac Rights

Rachel Stubbs for Academic Rights Officer

Like everyone on the ACTIVATE team the critical national issue which students face is the introduction of the Student Services and Ammenties Fee (SSAF) Legislation.

The money raised under the SSAF will not go to students or student organisations. It can however go to:

“libraries and reading rooms (other than those provided for academic purposes) for students”[1]

What is the point of a university taking your money to provide you with a library not filled with things utilised for academic purposes? Frankly, about as much use as a one legged cat trying to bury a turd on a frozen lake.

It will probably go to another $50,000 pay rise for our Vice-Chancellor who is now on $759,999.[2] Maybs $760,000 would look like too much?

To these people, we are nothing but cash cows who bring in the dollars to pay their obscene salaries and junkets to island holiday destinations.

If elected I would strengthen the relationship with the NTEU (The representative organisation for staff) to present a united front.

I would run campaigns against the SSAF and lobby the Federal Government for the creation of an independent body of elected representatives to decide the remuneration of Vice-Chancellors at all universities.

I would continue to work on the Illegal Course Costs campaign to stop illegal fees being charged on top of tuition fees at our university and remind QUT we have won against them in a ruling by the Federal Education Department in the past on the same thing.[3]


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