Robert for Environment

Robert Mitchell for Environment Director

My name is Robert Mitchell and I would be a good candidate for the position within environmental portfolio due to my passion and commitment to achieving the best outcomes for the students and staff of QUT. Since an early age going out bushwalking with my dad, I have always had a great respect for the environment and its conservation. In high school I had the privilege of sharing my enthusiasm, and representing my own school at many conferences and workshops. I often even had the opportunity to run the forums and present workshops
myself. It would be an honour to be able to continue this active involvement through the QUT student council. Having already served as the QUT business representative I am familiar with many of the activities and workings of the council, and look forward to continuing my commitment to student welfare in this new position. My goals for this position would be the implementation of a student run food co-op and the increased awareness of opportunities for environmental sustainability. Both I would seek to achieve with the lowest cost, and with the goal of achieving self-sufficiency so that positive environmental outcomes can be achieved without draining the resources of the council. I look forward to working with the guild and university in accomplishing real environmental outcomes, and hope to make a positive difference for the students and staff of QUT.
Thank you


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