Scarlett for Clubs and Socs

Scarlett Squire for Clubs and Societies Director

I am in my second semester of studying a B Law/B Creative Industries dual degree. Because of my degree, half being carried out at Kelvin Grove campus and the other half at Gardens Point, I am familiar with each of these individual campus communities. I am nominating for the position of Clubs and Societies Director on the QUT student guild for 2012. If I am elected to this position, I hope to:
• Revamp the Clubs and Societies committee.
• Increase on campus cultural activities and events.
• Create an inclusive and lively on campus community centred around extra-curricular/non-academic pursuits in order to provide all QUT students with a well-rounded and diverse university experience, according to their individual needs and interests.
• Actively campaign for increased funding to all QUT clubs and societies, as a result of extra funding provided by the SSAF.
• Frequently liaise with students and members of clubs through the reinstatement of said Clubs and Societies committee, and though a greater frequency of meetings held by this committee, in order to gain an ongoing and accurate understanding of how to best serve the QUT club community.
• Actively seek out interested parties in order to diversify the range of clubs and societies at QUT.
In my time at QUT, I have become an active member of The Whitlam Club, The QUT Film Club, and more recently, the Pastafarian Seaciety and QUT Quidditch Club. Through my affiliation with these clubs, I have carried out numerous roles such as:
• Organising club events and fundraisers
• Working with the guild clubs and societies staff member around club affiliation procedures
• Actively given my support to these clubs, attending events and meetings as they have occurred.
It is my experience with these clubs that has fuelled my passion for building on the already vibrant club community that QUT enjoys.


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