Whitney for Indigenous

Whitney Hunt for Indigenous Director

I would be the best person for the Indigenous Director’s position because I have had various leadership roles as an Indigenous student at QUT. This includes but is not limited to that fact that I am currently a Student Mentor of Health for the Oodgeroo Unit, this role allows me to support 1st year students commencing at QUT and help them find their feet. When I mean support I show students around the Kelvin Grove Campus in Pre-Orientation Week, a week before QUT Orientation week, answer questions about university life.

As an Indigenous student at QUT it is also important to recognise some of the issues we come across within in the university, such as discrimination, lack of support, misinformation, support or engaging in the QUT life.

I am a Mentor for the AIME program at QUT which is a program to encourage Indigenous students in high school to go onto further education. I mentor a student in year 9; I am very keen to support Indigenous students because I believe this will make a difference to their high school experience.

I have had many mentoring/ leadership roles in the QUT community as well as in my own community. I inform people within the QUT and wider Brisbane community about the activities and programs that I am involved in as well as informing them of how I am coping at university, when I talk to people at QUT and at local events such as NAIDOC.

This is why I envisage that as an Indigenous Director I will continue to support Indigenous students of QUT continue to be part of an active representation of Indigenous students within the wider community as well. I envisage that I will be physically present within the Oodgeroo unit and the QUT campuses.


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